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Facebook, one of the oldest social media platforms, is a vast source of multimedia content that can be entertaining, educational and a lot more. The problem is with its limited availability to access the streaming features. In order to download a video from Facebook, you need a powerful third-party tool. 

Right here, we are introducing Getfvid online tool for this purpose. It is a simple and easily accessible tool compatible with all devices and operating systems. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. With any configuration that supports a standard web browser, you can download high-quality videos from the Facebook platform. 

However, it is not the only leading player of the Facebook downloading market. After analyzing the features and capabilities of multiple tools, we have found another option equivalent to or better than GetFvid. The comprehensive evaluation of both tools will help in figuring out a feasible option. Let’s proceed. 

A Comparison Between Getfvid and FBVideoDown


This is an online tool accessible from browsers like Mozilla, Chrome and other popular software you have installed on your smartphone or PC. Let’s have a detailed look at its pros and cons to evaluate the quality. 


  1. It can download your Facebook videos directly from a browser instead of a dedicated application or software. 
  2. The tool is free to access for everyone. 
  3. There is a Chrome extension provided for PC users so that any link can be downloaded directly without accessing the official website. 


  1. You cannot download stories, reels and profile pictures from Facebook with the help of this tool. 
  2. It is not capable of supporting private videos for downloading.
  3. Advertisements appearing on the web page can mislead you. Therefore, it is advisable not to click on any unfamiliar link. 


This is one of the most powerful Facebook video-downloading tools available on the internet. On the basis of features comparison, it can also surpass the efficiency of Getfvid. Have a look at the features of FBVideoDown tool. 


  1. The best thing about this tool is its accessibility from any web browser. You don’t have to worry about the operating system compatibility. 
  2. The tool is completely free of spam links. The clean user interface will be there to assist you with the downloading process. 
  3. It is capable of downloading all types of Facebook multimedia, whether they are normal videos, reels or private videos. 
  4. They are also providing special tools for downloading multimedia content from Instagram and TikTok. 


  1. For different video types on Facebook, you have to use a different tool. 
  2. It only provides a video downloading option in MP4 format. You have to use a different application for converting video into MP3. 

Despite some limits, it is still the most powerful and easily accessible Facebook downloading tool. Do you want to know the reasons? If yes, just scroll down.

Why FBVideoDown is Your Best Choice

We are going to give you 6 convincing reasons why FBVideoEown is the best choice.

Supports all facebook video types


There is a dedicated tool for every kind of Facebook video, including reels, personal stories and private videos. The process is can be different, but it can download all restricted Facebook video content in just a few clicks.


It is an online accessible tool that doesn’t need any separate application. Whether you are a user of Android, iOS, Mac or Windows, it works similarly on all platforms. You just need a web browser to explore.
download facebook videos online


All the features available in this tool are free to access. There is no need to sign up with a personal. An unlimited number of videos can be downloaded with just one click.
download facebook videos online

Unlimited downloads

There is no limit on the number of downloads and the length and size of downloaded Facebook videos.
download facebook videos 1080p

High quality

From 360p to 4K, it is capable of downloading videos of all qualities. The highest quality of a particular video uploaded on the Facebook will be downloaded in the same resolution.
no ads

No spam & ads

If you are bothered the most by spam and advertisements while downloading something, this is the best option to consider. FBVideoDown has a decluttered interface with no third-party link.

How to Download Facebook Videos with FBVideoDown

1. Get the Facebook video link

Login to your Facebook account in an app or web browser tab. After login in, find the video you want to download. Copy its link that can be shareable or not. 

2. Paste in a relevant tool 

Create a new tab in your browser and open the FBVideoDown website. For normal videos, the search bar appearing on the homepage will serve the purpose. If you have a private video or reel, choose a tool from the options mentioned at the top of the website. 

3. Get the video file 

Click on the download button and your desired video will be saved automatically. Once the Facebook video is saved, you are free to share it anywhere or watch it offline. 

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