As an all-in-one tool that supports all your downloading needs, FBVideoDown can download whatever you want from Facebook, including FB Reels.

How to Download Facebook Reels & Shorts Videos Online

FBVideoDown allows you to download Facebook Reels and short videos online in high quality (up to 4k) and save them to any device (PC, Android, or iPhone). It is super easy and fast. Just follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1. Copy the Facebook Reel video link

On your Facebook App or go to, choose any Reel video you want to download to your device, then you just need to find the “3-dots menu” and tap/touch on “Copy Link“.

copy facebook reels link


Step 2. Paste the Reel video link on FBVideoDown

After you’ve copied the video URL of the Reel to the clipboard, direct to FBVideoDown on your browser and paste the URL into the input field, then hit “Download“.

paste facebook reels link to download


Step 3. Download the Reel video to your device

Wait for a while for the server to process your video. As soon as the “Download” button pops on your screen, tap on it to save the Facebook reel to your phone or computer.

download facebook reels to device

Why Choose FBVideoDown to Download Facebook Reels

There are numerous online FB Reel downloaders available on the market today, but FBVideoDown’s unique features are what set it apart from the competition.
online fb reels downloader

Compatible with all devices

Being compatible with iPhone, Android, PC, tablet, and others, you can effortlessly download Facebook Reel videos on whichever device you want without installing software.
fb reels download

Highest quality

FBVideoDown Reel downloader helps you automatically download Facebook Reels in high and original quality (FULL HD, 1080p, 2K, 4K) without the need to spend time choosing the format.
fb reels downloader

Free and no ads

FBVideoDown is completely free to use and does not require any subscriptions from its users, while there is no advertisement to bother you.


How to download Facebook Reels on Android?

Copy the Reel video link on Facebook → Go to the website FBVideoDown → Paste the copied Reel link in the search bar → Download.

Is it possible to download Facebook reels to my computer?

Yes. Open and login → Find the reel videos → Copy the link by tapping the 3-dots button on the top of the Reel video → Go to FBVideoDown → Paste the copied Reel link here → Download to your PC or Mac.

How to download Facebook reels video to the gallery on iPhone?

In the Facebook app, find the Reel video and tap on it. To get the video link, click the “•••” button. In the options list, there will be a “Copy Link” choice.
After you’ve copied the Reel link, open FBVideoDown in any browser and paste the video link into the URL box.
Press the Download button to download the Reel video.

What does a Facebook reel link look like?

The link for downloading Facebook Reels looks like this:

How to store a reel video with audio?

FBVideoDown allows you to download reel videos with audio. You just need to get the Reel link and paste it into the search box on FBVideoDown.

Does FBVideoDown keep a copy of the video or store the original downloaded video?

FBVideoDown does not store copies of downloaded videos or host videos. All videos are kept on Facebook’s servers and are only downloaded to your device.

Is FBVideoDown safe to use?

FBVideoDown is entirely safe and reliable to download videos from Facebook. It is trusted by many users worldwide.