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The recently added “Reels” feature on Facebook has started becoming popular among users, but the problem is the same as we face on Instagram and TikTok. Where is the download button?

When we find a Reel motivating, funny, emotional, or in any other way engaging, only the “saving” option is available to remember it. If you want to save the Reel to your device, be smart and use FBVideoDown. This Facebook reels downloader is meant for all devices, no matter if you have an Android or iPhone. Any video reel, whether it is public or private, can be downloaded right away. 

How to Download Facebook Reels Videos Online

Step 1. Find and copy the reel video URL you want to download from Facebook

First of all, open your Facebook app or website and find a reel on your wall. Also, you can find something interesting from the “Saved” option in the top right menu. Tap on the three dots appearing on the reel playback screen and copy its link

Step 2. Paste the link on FBVideoDown and click download

Open the website FBVideoDown, and paste your copied link in the blank text box of this Facebook reels downloader. When you press download, the video playback screen will appear to ensure that you have chosen the right link. 

Step 3. Download the reel video to your device

Now again, press the download button appearing below the playing video. The downloading process will start and that reel will be in your device’s memory in a fraction of a second. 


Why can’t I download Facebook Reels videos?

It is possible that the video may have been removed, set to private, or there may be an issue with our server that is preventing you from downloading the video from Facebook. To troubleshoot the problem, please verify that the link is operational and then refresh the page before trying again. Additionally, Android users have the option of using the FBVideoDown APP for a smoother and faster download experience.

Can I download Facebook reels to MP4?

Yes, you can download Facebook reals mp4 format conveniently with the help of this tool. The MP4 is its default format for downloading videos. 

Can I download a Facebook reel video with audio?

Each video link you paste in FBVideoDown is available with its audio. When you download the video, high-quality audio will be automatically downloaded alongside. 

What does a Facebook reel link look like?

The link for downloading Facebook Reels looks like this:

How to download Facebook Reels on Android?

1. Get the reel link on the Facebook app: The first thing to do is go to the Facebook app in your Android device and get a video link of the reel. 
2. Use FBVideoDown in any browser to download the reel: Open the default browser or any other browser on your device to explore FBVideoDown official website. Here you have to paste the copied link and press the download button to save the file. 
3. The downloaded video will be present in your Android phone’s storage.

How to download Facebook Reels to my computer?

Whether you have Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu operating system, this tool works in the same way for every PC. 
1. Open a new tab in your browser and login with your Facebook profile. 
2. Go to the reels that frequently appear to scroll horizontally. Choose any reel video and copy its sharing link. 
3. Open another tab to run FBVideoDown online tool. 
4. Paste the video link and click on the download button. You will be able to play it one last time before saving. Again click on the download button and the file will be saved in your downloads folder. 

How to download Facebook reels video to the gallery on iPhone?

1. Get the Reel link: Visit the official Facebook app on your iPhone device and explore its reels section. All the latest trending short videos will be available there to watch. From the three dots, you can get its link. 
2. Use FBVideoDown in Safari: Open your Safari browser and, in a new tab, find FBVideoDown. Browse the website’s home page, where the downloading tool will be available. 
3. Find the downloaded video in “Files”: When you press the download button, the Reel will automatically be downloaded and saved in the files section of your phone memory. Enjoy it offline and share it online. 

Why Choose FBVideoDown as your Facebook Reels downloader

There are numerous online FB Reel downloaders available on the market today, but FBVideoDown’s unique features are what set it apart from the competition. Not only reels but videos from all other sections of Facebook can be downloaded with it.
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Compatible with all devices

Being compatible with iPhone, Android, PC, tablet, and others, you can effortlessly download Facebook Reel videos on whichever device you want without installing software.
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High quality

FBVideoDown Reel downloader helps you automatically download Facebook Reels in high and original quality (FULL HD, 1080p, 2K, 4K) without the need to spend time choosing the format.
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Free and no ads

FBVideoDown is completely free to use and does not require any subscriptions from its users, while there is no advertisement to bother you.
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