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How to Download Videos or Photos from Facebook Posts?

When it comes to downloading videos or pictures from someone’s Facebook post on a computer or a mobile phone, FBVideoDown can be one of the simplest methods. All you need to do is to:

Step 1: Copy the post link on Facebook

To begin, go to Facebook and look for a post you’d like to download.
If you are using a computer to browse the Facebook website, just click on the post to open it in a new browser tab. In the new tab, you will be able to see the link to the post in the search bar. Click on it and copy the link.
If you are on the Facebook app using your mobile phone, you can find the Copy Link by tapping 3-dots. This is also accessible by hitting the Share icon. When a list of sharing choices appears, tap More Options, then Copy. The URL for the post will be copied to your phone’s clipboard for later use.

copy facebook link

Step 2: Paste the post link on FBVideoDown

Now that you have the link to the post, you can head over to fbvideodown.com and find the search bar on the home screen. It is the place where you will paste the URL of the Facebook post and hit Download.

paste facebook link to download

Step 3: Save videos or photos from the Facebook post

It will only take a few seconds to download the videos or photos in the Facebook post. The files may be automatically saved to the Downloads folder for PC users.

download facebook post to device

Why choose FBVideoDown?

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FBVideoDown allows downloading any posts from Facebook online by link. No registration, login, or software installation is required.
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FBVideoDown does not save any data of our users. All videos are downloaded directly to the user’s device.
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