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How to Download Videos and Photos from Facebook

FBVideoDown makes it easy to download Facebook videos, stories, reels, photos, etc. It is an online site so you can save the Facebook content you want on any device including the Android phone, PC, and iPhone.
Using FBVideoDown to download from Facebook is quick. You just need to copy-paste the FB video link and click the download button. The whole process doesn’t take a minute.

Step 1: Get the link to the FB video or photo

On the Facebook app, find the video or photo you want to download, click on the Copy icon and it will say Link copied. On the Facebook website, click the Share icon and then select Copy link
copy facebook link

Step 2: Open FBVideoDown and paste the link

Open our website in your browser: fbvideodown.com. You will see an input box. Paste your link there and click on the Download button.
paste facebook link

Step 3: Download the FB video MP4/MP3

Once FBVideoDown completes processing, the Facebook video will be available for download. Choose the format and resolution to save in on your device: MP4 or MP3 in HD and SD. You can then find the downloads in the Downloads folder of your browser or the file manager app. 
download from facebook
💡 If you find the FBVideoDown useful, it is recommended to bookmark it for quick access. FBVideoDown is free and does not display ads to make a profit. Your support motivates us. Feel free to share this online Facebook video downloader with friends and family. ❤️❤️

All-in-one Facebook Video and Photos Downloader

By copying and pasting the link, you can download any content from a public Facebook account. But FBVideoDown does more than that, it can also download private Facebook videos. You can even download videos, pictures, and audio from Instagram and TikTok. 
fb downloader


Facebook Video Downloader

FBVideoDown makes sure you can download Facebook videos in HD quality. There is no limit on the number of videos or the length of videos. You can even download 2-hour movies shared in Facebook groups.
FB video downloader


Facebook Story Downloader

Facebook stories will only be visible for 24 hours. With FBVideoDown, you can easily download public and private stories. It is 100% free and safe.
download facebook reel


Facebook Reel Downloader

Facebook Reel is a new type of short video. Want to download Facebook Reel videos into gallery and watch them anytime? It’s easy. Copy and paste the link to FBVideoDown to download.
download fb photo


Facebook Photo Downloader

FBVideoDown also helps you download photos or images from Facebook posts, profiles, or albums. The image will stay in its original high quality. 
download facebook post


Facebook Audio Downloader

You can download Facebook videos as MP3 audio without using any converter programs. This feature is very useful if you like the background music in a video.
fb downloader


Instaram and TikTok Downloader

FBVideoDown is also compatible with Instagram and TikTok. You can easily save content from your favorite social media platforms to your phone using the video URL from Instagram or TikTok.

Introducing the FBVideoDown App

Android users can install the FBVideoDown app to download Facebook videos and photos. It is faster and simpler and provides different quality options from 240p to 1080p and 4k.


Why use a Facebook video downloader?

Facebook does not allow downloading of video content. So, we have developed FBVideoDown – a free online Facebook downloader that allows you to save videos and photos from Facebook easily and without limits.

Is FBVideoDown Free?

Yes! It is free, and you will never need to pay anything. No matter how many videos you download, it’s always free.

Does FBVideoDown work on mobiles or tablets?

Yes, FBVideoDown helps you to download from Facebook online across all devices. You can use it on your phone or tablet without any issues.

Do you need to install any app for FBVideoDown to work?

FBVideoDown does not require any installation of apps or extensions. It‘s an online website you can visit via a browser.

Can I download Facebook videos without an account?

Yes, you can download Facebook videos without an account as well. You can also use it on multiple devices at the same time without any restriction or registration.

How long does it take to download from Facebook?

It depends on the size of the video that you want to download. For short videos like stories and reels, FBVideoDown only takes a few seconds to download videos from Facebook. But for long video content such as movies, TV series, and live broadcasts, you need to wait longer. In this case, you can use the FBVideoDown app for downloading, because it has download progress management, and you can interrupt/resume downloading at any time.

What resolution does FBVideoDown support?

For Facebook video download, you can choose SD and HD quality. The file will be saved in MP4 format. With FBVideoDown, you can easily download the same resolution in which the video was uploaded on Facebook. It allows downloading crystal clear videos.

Where can I find the files downloaded with FBVideoDown?

It depends on your file location preference and device. The videos go to Files app on iPhones, while on PC and Android, videos go to Downloads on your browser.

Is FBVideoDown safe to use?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use! We don’t save any personal information or activity on our servers. All your downloads are anonymous.

Is FBVideoDown legal to use?

It is legally permitted if you’re using FBVideoDown to save copyright-protected content. It is only used for personal reasons and complies with the law. All videos that you download are hosted on Facebook’s CDNs.

Do you Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any problems with the FBVideoDown downloader, you can contact us via hi.fbvideodown@gmail.com. We are here to help.

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