Facebook stories can be considered as the personalized status people highlight on their profiles. Stories are visible to other people only for 24 hours. It is a kind of temporary status, just like we put on Instagram and WhatsApp. Therefore, downloading Facebook stories is not as simple as downloading normal Facebook videos. After testing the features of numerous downloading tools, we have finalized FBVideoDown for this purpose.

It is a tool accessible through your web browser, so there is no need to worry about compatibility with operating systems. In this article, we are particularly going to focus on the feature of Facebook stories download. Whether they are videos or images, now you can get them in just one touch. Let’s understand how this Facebook story downloader works.

How to Download Facebook Stories Online

Easily save any stories to your PC, Android, or iPhone in a quick 3-step.

Step 1. Copy Facebook story link

Click the story you want to download from Facebook, then click the share button, and find the option Copy link.

copy facebook story link phone

You can also copy links from the address bar if you are on a PC accessing Facebook from the web browser. 

copy facebook story link pc

Step 2. Paste the URL in FBVideoDown

Open a new tab in your browser and load the FBVideoDown official website. Paste the copied link in the input box and click on the download button.

💡 Note: If you are using iPhone, you need to open FBVideoDown in the Safari browser. 

paste facebook story link

Step 3. Download the story

After the story has been loaded, click the Download button again. The Facebook story will be downloaded in MP4 format if it is a video or a PNG if it is an image. 

download facebook story

This is how just three simple steps can be followed to download any story playing on your Facebook wall. 


Can I download a Facebook story with music?

Yes, you can download a Facebook story with music or any background sound. The FBVideoDown is capable of downloading videos, maintaining the highest possible visual resolution and audio bit rate. 

What is a private Facebook story? Can I download someone’s private Facebook stories? 

Due to the personalized content issue, Facebook has restricted its visibility more than the normal videos upload. The Facebook private stories are visible only to friends or some people further connected. If it is visible to you, FBVideoDown can help in downloading. Use our Facebook private story downloader because it is free for everyone and doesn’t even need your personal credentials. Please note that it works only on the desktop. 

How to download Facebook stories on a PC?

In order to download Facebook stories on PC, open the FBVideoDown website in your browser and select its Facebook stories downloading feature. Login to your Facebook account in a new tab, get the link of the story and paste it into the tool to download. 

How to download Facebook stories on Android?

First of all, open your Facebook app and play the story. Tap on the three dots, select the share option and copy the link. Now go to your web browser, explore the FBVideoDown website, select the story download option and paste your link in it. It will be downloaded in one click. 

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone?

The process of downloading Facebook videos on iPhone is similar to Android. However, you need to use Safari instead of any random web browser. Only Safari supports the downloading feature of this online tool. 

Is it possible to save a Facebook story after 24 hours?

Usually, the Facebook story is only available for 24 hours. After 24 hours, people will have the option to preserve his Facebook story in the Story Archive, and he will be the only person who can see this story. So it is highly recommended that you download this story as soon as you see it.

How to get the link to the Facebook story?

If you are using Facebook in your web browser, just copy the link from its URL bar. If you are using a Facebook mobile app, play the story and tap on the share button to copy its shareable URL. 

What does a Facebook story link look like?


Where are stories saved after being downloaded?

Generally, all videos are stored in the “Downloads” folder. For most smartphones, files will be saved in “My Files” (or “File Manager”).

Does FBVideoDown Facebook story downloader store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos?

FBVideoDown does not store videos, nor do we store copies of the downloaded videos. The videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers. Additionally, we do not keep track of our users’ Facebook video story download history, which makes using FBVideoDown.com completely anonymous.

Is FBVideoDown safe?

Yes, our tool is of the highest level of security while downloading your favorite videos. We don’t collect any personal data.

Why FBVideoDown is the Best Facebook Story Downloader


Online accessibility through browser

It works on any device and any browser, which is the biggest plus point. There is no need to install any programs or apps. No matter if you have an expensive or cheap device, it works for everyone.


FBVideoDown is free to access for everyone. They don’t ask you to create an account to use services. Just open the website as a random user, and get your video downloaded. Despite being a free tool, it has no ads and malware issues.
bajar historias facebook hd

High quality

Whether it is a video of 360p, 720p, 1080p Full HD, 2k or 4k, FBVideoDown can download all qualities flawlessly. However, the highest quality depends on the source quality of the video you want to download.
Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited Downloads

There is no limit on the number of downloads, and no limit on the length and size of downloaded stories. As long as you have access to internet data, an unlimited number of videos can be downloaded.

MP4 Format

Consider it a Facebook video to MP4 converter tool. All the videos from 360p to 4K resolution will be downloaded in MP4 file format. This format is compatible with almost every multimedia device so you don’t have to struggle with playing offline. Also, all the social media platforms support MP4 format, so you will have no issue with uploading it.
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It is a simple yet fast downloading tool for Facebook stories. The stories are usually short in length, so it takes just a few seconds. Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection.

FBVideoDown is capable of downloading public and private stories, videos and images without losing quality. Not only Facebook stories, but you can also download Facebook reels and all the random videos appearing on your wall. 

It is advisable to bookmark the website in your browser so that one-touch access allows you to download it.