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With the increasing demand for downloading solutions from social media platforms, a lot of mobile applications and browser tools have come into existence. Nowadays, the biggest problem with Facebook downloading is with private content.

With any random downloading tool, you cannot get a working downloadable link. This is why we are introducing Facebook private video downloader, a feasible solution. Try out FBVideoDown online tool that smartly generates a source code to download any private Facebook video effortlessly. Let’s get more familiar with it through the below information.

How to download Facebook private videos using FBVideoDown

Preparation: Open your browser and log in with a Facebook account. Find and copy the private video URL

Explore the private videos, stories, or reels you want to download from your Facebook feed, Watch or groups and copy its link. At this stage, it is inaccessible for downloading purposes. 

Step 1. Paste the URL in the first line

Now click on a new tab and open the official homepage of FBVideoDown Facebook private video downloader. Paste the Facebook video link in the first text field. 

Step 2. Paste the link in line 2 into a new tab

Once you paste the link, it will automatically modify and appear in the second text field of the form. You have to open a new tab, paste this link and press enter to browse. It will generate the source code. 

Step 3. Copy all source code of the page

The source code appearing in the new tab needs to be copied and pasted in the third text field. 

To copy the entire page source, if you are on the Windows desktop, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A to select all the text and Ctrl + C to copy the text; if you are on the Mac desktop, use command + A and command + C.

Step 4. Paste all source in line 3 and click “Download”

After you paste the entire source code in the third line of the Facebook private video downloader, just click on the download button. Any video from private accounts will be downloaded in the same way.

Voilà! Now download the video to your device.


What is Facebook private video?

Any video that you watch in the accounts of your connection circle on Facebook and in private groups can be classified as a private video. It cannot be downloaded as conveniently as the videos from open groups. 

Which type of private content can I download from Facebook using FBVideoDown?

Any kind of private content on Facebook can be downloaded. This includes videos from the post, reels, stories, and even photos or profile pictures.

Can I convert Facebook private video to MP4?

When you click on the download button of Facebook private video downloader after generating a source code, it saves the video in your storage by default MP4 format. It is the most supported video format, so you can play it easily in any random player. 

Can I download Facebook private videos on mobile?

You need a desktop PC or laptop to download Facebook private videos with the help of FBVideoDown. Currently, this feature is not accessible through mobile. 

Why Choose FBVideoDown Private Facebook Downloader

En línea


The best thing about this Facebook private video downloader is its online accessibility through any web browser. You don’t have to download any software application that supports a particular operating system.
Descargas gratuitas y ilimitadas


You can download an unlimited number of videos for free with this tool. Also, there is no need to create an account to use the services. Just open the website and start downloading.
Fácil de usar


The easily accessible user interface has made it convenient for everyone to download videos. There are three text fields with clear instructions to generate the source code of downloading.
Descargador Potente

All types of content

It supports all types of Facebook content, including public or private videos, stories, reels, and even photos. Whatever appears to be playing on your Facebook can be simply downloaded using FBVideoDown.
Alta calidad


In high-definition quality, as uploaded by the video owner, it can be downloaded on your device.
Libre de publicidad o spam

No spam & ads

Not only has a clean user interface, but the website is also free from spam and advertisements. There will be no misleading links to click and divert to third-party sites.

The ease of use, accessibility, and significant features are the three solid reasons why you must try FBVideoDown. It requires no tech geek skills. Just generate the source code and download the video. 

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