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For such users who want to download Facebook status on their computers or smartphone, it is vital to get an online tool. So, things get extremely easy with this FB status downloader. It is very simple to save Facebook status online using FBVideoDown. Below are the steps.

How to Download a Facebook Status on Mobile


Step 1: Copy the link on the Facebook app

When you are on your Facebook app, you will need to press the Share button or the three dots and copy the link of the status.

copy facebook status link


Step 2: Go to FBVideoDown

Then go to the browser to open the website FBVideoDown and paste that link.

paste facebook status link


Step 3: Download the status to your device

Click on the Download button to initiate your download.

save facebook status to device

How to Download a Facebook Status on PC


Step 1: Copy the link on Facebook.com

First, you will need to open the Facebook status in a new tab and then copy the link from the address bar. You can also press the Share or the 3-dots button to find the Copy Link option.

copy facebook status link


Step 2: Open FBVideoDown

Go to the FBVideoDown and paste the link into the input box. Then click Download.

paste facebook status link


Step 3: Download the Facebook status

The only thing left to do now is to press again the Download button. Within a few seconds, you will find the downloaded status in the Downloads folder.

save facebook status to device

Why FBVideoDown is your best choice?

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Works on every device

Our online tool works on every device. Whether it be a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, it will work on all of them. Additionally, it works on every OS as well.
fb reels download

Easy & safe

FBVideoDown does not require an account or other information. The only thing we need to download a Facebook video is a link to the video.
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Free unlimited downloads

FBVideoDown is a completely free tool. It allows you to download any length of video from Facebook, and for an infinite number of times.


How long does it take to download a Facebook status?

It takes only a few seconds, depending on your internet speed and video size.

Which devices are compatible with FBVideoDown?

FBVideoDown is compatible with every device that has a browser and an internet connection.

Do you need to log in to your Facebook account on FBVideoDown?

No, it does not require you to log in or provide any account details.

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