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How to use FBVideoDown

FBVideoDown is very easy to use, and a lot of people prefer FBVideoDown because of its easy steps. Such steps are provided only to make it easier for the user. Following are some steps that one should keep in mind:

Step#1: Find the Video

Find any video that you like; it does not matter how long the Video might be.

Step#2: Get the Link to that Video

Get the link of that video by clicking the share button. Copy the link after it displays on your screen.

Step#3: Open FBVideoDown And Paste the Link in the Box

Browse on the internet, open that website and paste the link that you copied.

Step#4: Click Download

Now click the download button when it displays on your screen.


Does FBVideoDown work on Androids?

Yes, FBVideoDown can work on Androids. It works on any device with any specifications. It can work on iOS, Android, PC, etc., just for the ease of the user.

Does FBVideoDown require any purchases?

No, FBVideoDown is free. It does not require any money for its use.

Is there a maximum number of videos that I can download?

No. There are no restrictions on how many Facebook videos you can download.

Can I download Live Streams on Facebook?

Yes, you can download it after the stream is finished. Kindly notice that while it's playing, live streams cannot be downloaded using any video downloader. You have to wait for it to end to get the downloadable link.

Can I download private videos?

Yes, you can download a private Facebook video download when it comes to using FBVideoDown.

How to use FBVideoDown to download using iPhone

Some people might find it difficult to use iOS when it comes to downloading videos from Facebook. But, FBVideoDown has now made it easy for its users by calling itself the best Facebook video downloader. Some simple steps must be kept in mind so that one might not feel confused. Following are the steps:

Step#1: Choose a Video

Choose any video to download from Facebook.

Step#2: Create a link of that Video

Secondly, create a link of that Video and copy that link.

Step#3: Browse FBVideoDown

Search FBVideoDown from the internet and open the website.

Step#4: Copy-Paste that Link

Now paste that copied link in the space provided in FBVideoDown.

Step#5: Download on New Screen

Now, Add to Home Screen will be displayed on your screen. After clicking it, your Video will be placed on your home screen.

How to use FBVideoDown using PC

People find it easy to use PC when it comes to downloading videos from Facebook. Maybe because PC is faster than other devices. Following are some steps for PC:

Step#1: Login into your Facebook account

Log in to your Facebook account using your PC.

Step#2: Pick a video of your choosing

Open any browser on your PC and go to

Step#3: Create a link

Make a link to that Video by clicking share.

Step#4: Open FBVideoDown

Browse FBVideoDown and open the website.

Step#5: Copy-Paste the link

Copy and paste that link and click the download.

Step#6: Search your PC's internal storage

After the completion of the download, you will find your Video on your PC.

How to use FBVideoDown using an Android

FBVideoDown has also provided the same steps to Android users as provided to others for Facebook video download. Following are some steps that have been made for the ease of the users:

Step#1: Log in to Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account using your Android phone.

Step#2: Choose any video that you like

Choose any video that you want to download Video from Facebook.

Step#3: Make a link to that Video

Make a link to that movie by clicking share and copying the link.

Step#4: Open FBVideoDown

Search FBVideoDown and open it.

Step#5: Copy-Paste the link

Paste that link and click download.

Step#6: Start Download

Start the download by clicking the download button.

FBVideoDown-The best FB video downloader

Due to numerous reasons, FBVideoDown has been regarded as the best Facebook video download by far. Following are some reasons:

Free of cost:

There is no need for any purchase. It is free for all users.

No ads:

There is no disturbing advertisement on the website and your process of downloading.

Easy to use on any device:

It is easy to use on Androids, PC, iOS, or any other software.

Other features

Facebook provides different types of videos, pictures, posts, etc., every day. So, FBVideoDown supports not only videos but also every kind of picture and post.