How To Download Facebook photo In 2022? Easiest and Free Method

We'll show you how to download Facebook photo in the most efficient method possible with FBVideoDown.

How to download Facebook photos?

The procedure of downloading Facebook images with programs such as FB Video Down is rather straightforward. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Navigate to the official website.

To begin, navigate to and locate the search box on the home screen. It is here that you must paste the URL of the Facebook video.

Step 2: Open the picture in a separate window.

Navigate to the Facebook photo you wish to download, right-click it, and select “Open in New Tab.”

Step 3: Make a copy of the photo link.

The URL to the photo will be shown in the search box on the new tab. Copy the URL by clicking on it.

Step 4: Copy and paste the URL

Now that you have the photo's link, return to and paste it into the search area.

Step 5: Save the video to your computer.

After copying the URL, go to the search bar and wait for the image to download. The photo will be downloaded in a matter of seconds.


What is the best way to save and download a Facebook photo?

When you right-click the enlarged picture, select Show video URL from the drop-down menu bar. To show the entire URL, use Ctrl + C or right-click and choose Copy from the drop-down menu. You may open a new page by pressing Ctrl + T. Enter the URL into the address area by pressing Ctrl + V and then clicking the Submit button. This solution, however, does not work for every device. As a result, it is preferable to use FB Video Down as the ultimate answer.

What is the best technique to keep a Facebook photo from being published?

Go to “Saved” in the left column on a computer; on a smartphone, go to “Saved” in the bottom right menu. This is where you'll find it on the desktop. From a mobile device, select “More” from the lower right menu, followed by “Saved”.

Can I download Facebook videos to my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Yes, this tool is optimized for iOS devices.

Will the videos or search history keep on this website?

FBVideoDown does not save any data of our users. All videos are downloaded directly to the user's computer.

Is FBVideoDown safe?

Yes, our tool is of the highest level of security while downloading your favorite videos. We don't collect any personal data.

How to download FB photos on PC?

Downloading a Facebook photo to multiple devices is one of the simplest ways to obtain it. There are several websites to pick from, and the most of them do an outstanding job of offering both standard and high-definition video options. You have a number of alternatives when it comes to downloading information from websites on your desktop computer. The basic procedures for obtaining the movies are the same across all of the sites listed above. In this post, we'll show you how to utilize the Facebook Video Down Tool to download a photo. It is the most efficient way to download Facebook photos:

Step 1: Make a copy of the photo link

To begin, navigate to Facebook and seek for a photo you'd want to save. Click it to maximize the screen to open it in a new browser tab.

Step 2: Enter the Url

Then, from the browser's address bar, enter the Url.

Step 3: Paste the photo URL

Then navigate to, paste the photo URL into the URL bar, and click Download.

Step 4: Click download will offer the photo along with a More Selections button and quality options for download. Then, from the More Options menu, choose Force Download HD.

Step 5: Select the location

Mac users will be able to select the location where the video will be kept. For PC users, the video may be immediately downloaded and saved to the Downloads folder.

How to Get Facebook Videos on Your Android Phone

Step 1: Look for FB Video Down website

Look for “FB Video Down for Facebook” on the Google Play Store. Feel free to fill in the blanks with whatever you choose.

Step 2: Open Facebook app

Open Facebook on your mobile browser or the Facebook app to download a video

Step 3: Copy the photo's URL

After that, open a new tab and copy the photo's URL. You may also get to it by clicking the Share icon. Tap More Options, then Copy when a list of options for sharing shows appears. The URL of the photo will be copied to your phone's clipboard for future reference.

Step 4: Paste the URL

All you have to do now is copy and paste this URL into the app's search area.It will recognize and download the image URL automatically.

How to Save Facebook photos to Your iPhone

Downloading a Facebook video to your iPhone requires a little more work.

Step 1: Acquire the photo’s URL

To begin, open the Facebook app. Then, find and tap the photo you wish to share. To acquire the video URL, click the chain-link icon.

Step 2: Go to FBVideoDown

Then, launch the MyMedia app (or another comparable software) and type into the top-of-the-screen search box, then press Go. Copy and paste the link into the URL box, then click Download.

Step 3: Choose video‘s quality will launch a page in the app with a preview of your photo. You'll be able to choose between “Normal Quality” and “HD Quality” (We recommend HD for the best quality).

Step 4: Begin the download

From the drop-down menu, choose More Options, then Force HD Download. Your smartphone will then prompt you to choose what to do next. To begin the download, press Download the file, and you'll see the file and a progress bar downloading.

Step 5: Save the photo

Once the video has done downloading, tap Back, then Media (at the bottom of the screen), and then Save to Camera Roll. To see your photo, go to the Photos app.

What are the advantages of using FB Video Down?


To safeguard your privacy, download Facebook photographs without logging in.

Easy to use

Downloading the requisite Facebook photo may be done in the background, while multitasking, or by canceling the download. If you want to download images, it's a really simple tool.

No charge

It´s totally free to use this online tool.

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