Social media like Facebook does have lots of exciting yet insightful content. Thus, many people from various generations are fond of scrolling and spending time on this application. And since it has numerous insightful content, saving and sharing them with our loved ones is normal.

However, we do understand that downloading the content directly from the Facebook application might be challenging at some point. Therefore, these third-party platforms like Facebook video downloader app are invented to help you solve this problem.

FB video downloader app

In this article, we have summarized the top 3 best apps that you can utilize to download your favorite Facebook video. Make sure you’ve read it thoroughly and choose one that suits you.

#1. FBVideoDown – Best FB video downloader for any device

FBVideoDown is one of the best apps to download Facebook videos online. It works great on both Android & iOS, and you can even use it to save FB videos to your computer. Thus, once you found any videos on Facebook, just copy the link to save them. 

To be more precise, here is the reason why you should FBVideoDown:

Enough on the advantages of FBVideoDown, here’s how to utilize it to download your favorite Facebook video on your mobile phone:

Step 1: Copy the Link of the Facebook Video

Go to your Facebook video homepage, then click the Share or 3-dots button to find the option ”Copy Link“. 

Step 2: Paste the Link on

Go to the official website of FBVideoDown and paste the link into the search box.

Step 3: Choose the Quality and Format

Once the website is loaded, choose the quality and format of your preferences, and it is all set.

#2. Snaptube – Best FB video downloader app for Android

Another best Facebook video downloader for Android on our list is Snaptube. This application is exclusive to Android users and does not only support Facebook but also other social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, DailyMotion and etc. 

snaptube facebook video downloader app

Main features:

Here’s how to use Snaptube to download Facebook videos on your Android phone:

Step 1: Install Snaptube and launch it

Download Snaptube APK on the official website. Log in to your Facebook account on Snaptube.

download FB video android

Step 2: Find the video to download

Scroll through your timeline to find the video you like on Snaptube. Once it loads, choose your desired format (i.e. MP4 or MP3), then click on the Download button available on your screen. Or you can get the video’s link and paste it on Snaptube to start download.

save FB video android

#3. Offline Music Player – Best FB video downloader for iPhone

Last but not least, Offline Music Player is one of the best Facebook video downloader for iPhone. It is an app for listening to music and watching videos, either online or offline. Other than that, downloading Facebook videos is one of its features.

Specifically, here are the main features of this app:

Here’s how to use Pollymusic to download Facebook videos on your iPhone device:

Step 1: Launch Pollymusic and Find the video

Launch Offline Music Player, log into your FB account, and scroll through your Facebook timeline to find your favorite video.

Step 2: Copy the Link

Once you’ve found it, click on the Download icon.

facebook video downloader iphone

Final Thoughts

That’s it! Depending on what device you’re using, just choose one from the list above.

If you’re using an Android device, then choose Snaptube. But if you’re using iPhone, then choose Offline Music Player.

Lastly, if you wanted a quick and easy way without installing any apps, then FBVideoDown suits you well.